At Lavaud Staffing Solutions we recognize that there are three main components in providing qualified candidates. First, we test our applicants as a means of determining the validity of their skills as reflected on their resume. Second, we conduct an interview to determine their presence, communication skills, and knowledge. Third, we follow-up this process with a thorough reference check. By following this formula, we are able to provide you with SOLUTIONS to your staffing needs.

We are confident about our ability to locate the right person for your job. As a first time user of Lavaud Staffing Solutions , we will offer you a discount on your first placement.

Lavaud Staffing Solutions offers pay early discounts on all of its services. If you pay within 10 days of receiving an invoice, you may deduct 2% off that invoice. Over a period of time, this discount adds up.

We also offer volume discounts. Please contact Lavaud Staffing Solutions for details.

Lavaud Staffing Solutions believes excellent communication and service is the key to maintaining longevity with both clients and applicants. Because of this philosophy, our client relationships are long lasting and mutually rewarding. We are flexible and always willing to work with our clients to provide SOLUTIONS to their needs.

SOLUTION n. 3.a The method or process of solving a problem; 3.b The answer to or disposition of a problem.